Go With Nature, Don’t Resist It

The Cycles Of Life Show Up In All Sorts Of Places

I went through over 50 years of life taking for it granted.  I was sleepwalking through life.  Each day would melt away. I didn’t realize what was happening until that fateful day.  It was such a fundamentally basic concept.

Most everything ran through cycles and if I could recognize the patterns, I could beat these cycles by anticipating them one-by-one.   My first step was to recognize the primary ones.

Marketplace Cycles

The first connection for me  was when I had seen, over the past 2 decades, the cycles that show up in the marketplace.  It’s kind of crazy I know, but if you go back even 4 decades, certain things have occurred about every 8-10 years in repetition with the same problem and solution.  

An example of marketplace cycles is when you view the automobile industry and how they continue to build on the same kind of business model, and then before the end of 10 years require to be bailed out by the government to stay alive.   Another example is when you look at specific types of products that were out decades ago and then show up for a newer generation as if they were new  to take another round in the marketplace.  The music and fashion industry often does this.   

As an entrepreneur I have learned to see the cycles and then get in front of each cycle so that when it’s harvest time, I’m then able to leverage each one and then lead the people I serve to benefit as well.   

Technology Cycles

There are so many things to look at when it comes to technology cycles and if you can even follow just a smidget of a pattern you can easily jump in front.   An example is when you see where the market is going technologically and then develop something, or be a part of a team or joint venture that will develop a solution/accessory, etc. for market, you can capitalize on it.

How many remember when MySpace was taking the market to a new direction for social networking?   Then Facebook came, saw it and jumped in front of the market and held it steady, while farmville and other apps were created to join in the game.  Now when I put it that way you can see it unfolding in a short time SnapChat, Instagram, and others are jumping in front.  My lesson is to see where I can jump in and just do it in my industry.   It’s not an overnight thing, but clearly it is the way to recession proof your business.

Technology is one of the only industries that cycles with such a high reach and frequency.   Ok, look back, how quickly did it happen for you?  

Ipod, wireless earphones, HD cams on mobile devices, managing mobile with your watch, voice command searches, and even now drones…..

There has never been an industry that moves so fast and has created so many billionaires and it’s accelerating.  My suggestion to you is to don’t over analyze, just jump in…


The Entrepreneur’s Cycle
As a business owner and creator, I see the cycles in my industries and have experience both the up part of cycles as well as the down.   The beauty for me is that I don’t have to ride something till it’s gone, I can freely respond by going with nature and manage things so I can benefit from the cycle.  

For example I have the freedom to stop an action that is counter productive in a cycle and strategically restructure so that my specific product and/or company is in line with the next cycle/wave in that very industry.  

I see these cycles that surround all of as Ultimate Cycles because they either work for us, or they work against us if we resist.   Therefore, I proudly am going to continue to manage my companies so that they are moving with the direction of the industry and by ensuring that we only embrace products, concepts that are a part of the future.  

Embracing a future product and industry reduces the chances of being a part of something that is dematerializing (Products and concepts that were great 5 – 10 years ago, but has no real place in the next).   

After more than 20 years of business and life itself I see the pattern over and over in every single part of my life.   

I think that anyone can create an exhausting list of cycles that occur and are required for leading a healthy, sustainable life at some level.  I think of the 168 hours a week that I am given with my sleep cycles.

Scientist call it the Circadian Rhythm.  In order for our bodies to rejuvenate, and refresh within a 24 hour period, we must sleep and repair ourselves.  We then wake up and we start all over.  There’s obviously more to it than that but you get the point.   Just the clarity of thought, organ function, and even our mental state benefit from the daily cycles.

There are so many cycles that are very much a part of the miracle of life that we live, that without them, our lives would be over as we know it and we’d cease to exist.

Right now, consider this short list below and make your own connection:

  1. Lunar Cycle
  2. Cardiac Cycle
  3. Menstrual Cycle
  4. Blood Flow Cycle
  5. Climate Cycles (4 season)
  6. The Nitrogen Cycle (nitrogen circulates between air, the soil and living things)
  7. Carbon Cycle (carbon dioxide circulates between the air, soil, and living things)
  8. Photosynthesis (this process followed by respiration recycles oxygen)
  9. The Water Cycle

The crazy thing for me is that this concept has always been here.  It’s been here even longer than any of us has been alive.  For me, it unlocks so many doors for my life and my business.


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